When you start your network marketing home based business, you quickly ascertain that your downline will make or break your business. Don’t expect an affiliate to stay in this business long unless they have a mentor which will help them along every step of the way in the first few months. That’s predominantly when you have to be there for them. Potential “opt ins” are getting much more skeptical nowadays as the internet is littered with network marketing scams. YOU have to stand out from the crowd. Here is three ways to make this possible.

Experienced network marketers will tell you that once they have been “showed the ropes”, the majority of their time is now concentrated on helping new affiliates succeed. You see, this business is all about building relationships with members of your team. There are a number of ways you can do this. Firstly in order to build trust with your prospects, get them to sign up for your own weekly newsletter. This over time will portray you as a trustful presence online so that when they finally decide to jump in and start their own business, you may be the person they choose as their mentor.

Secondly don’t underestimate the power of a telephone call when prospecting. Just because this is an online business does not mean that all business is done online. You have to learn how to speak on the phone in terms of how you express yourself and the opportunity that you are providing. Also you may receive phone calls from prospects so be prepared to be able to answer their questions periodically. In any sales pitch in any business the key lies in how you listen, not how you speak. Throw a few questions to your prospect to engage him into the conversation. If he is interested and if you target the questions correctly, he will actually sell the opportunity to himself.

DO NOT just speak to him continuously about this fantastic opportunity, financial freedom, global income etc. You must sell yourself in the context that you are now going to be part of his business life forever and will do everything you can to help him achieve financial freedom. This sends home a much powerful message than the next person that rings him who solely is looking for money to sign up for an opportunity.

So now you are getting a lot of enquiries because of the two things mentioned above, (1) You have a trustful presence online and (2) You are making phone calls to targeted prospects. What’s the third and most important aspect?(3) Be there when they need you. Now that you are getting people that are signing up for your opportunity, you must be able to justify your claims.

Now you must be these affiliates mentor. In the first few months, try and do as much as you can for them. Just help them along by helping them sponsor their first few affiliates. Teach them everything you know about the business and how from your experience they can get into profit quickly. By doing this you are duplicating yourself and are fast-tracked to success. It is hugely to your advantage if you educate your downline as best you can. I repeat it’s impossible to do this unless you start fully engaging with your downline.

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