Kiersten and Julien Saunders

Kiersten Saunders (left) wearing a white embroidered long-sleeve crop top with blue jeans, and her husband Julien (right) wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans standing in front of a gray concrete background.

Early retirees Kiersten (still left) and Julien Saunders.

Phyllis Iller

Money milestones: Compensated off two mortgages value $200,000 and retired from their corporate work opportunities just before turning 40

Particular finance guide recommendation: “The Wealth Alternative: Results Tricks of Black Millionaires” by Dr. Dennis Kimbro

When the Saunderses realized about the Fiscal Independence/Retire Early movement, they embraced the problem of conserving and investing aggressively. They started producing passive income via a rental home, and have considering that paid out off the mortgages on their rental home and their very own household, totaling $200,000. 

The pair correctly retired from their corporate careers just before turning 40. They now count on their investments and their blog site Rich & Normal for steady cash flow.

The book that motivated their economic journey is “The Prosperity Choice” by Dr. Dennis Kimbro.

Julien claims, “I am very mindful of the get the job done that he is finished that is specifically catered to the Black community. He’s anyone who started off preparing men and women in my technology for owning all those discussions about money. I choose terrific delight in realizing we may well have the chance, through Prosperous & Common, to fill the gap alongside with some others in that area.”


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