Martech is consolidating, but what will the 2022 landscape reveal?

ByBilly Alsman

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Martech Acquisitions 2019-2020
Upcoming Tuesday, May 3 — Martech Day! — we’ll release the 2022 promoting technological know-how landscape, along with a State of Martech report. You can be one particular of the 1st to see it and discover about the important developments it reveals by signing up for Frans Riemersma and me for a reside webinar at 11am Japanese. You can sign-up for free listed here.

You might already be leaping to a conclusion. “It looks like each individual other week, I read through about a main acquisition. Surely the 2020 martech landscape with its 8,000 answers was Peak Martech! The only issue is by how much has the 2022 landscape shrunk.”


Without a doubt, the martech sector sees a remarkable volume of M&A activity. LUMA Partners, 1 of the primary financial investment banks in martech — and the creators of the unique adtech landscape that encouraged us above a ten years back — publishes quarterly experiences of known promotions. There were 157 in 2019, 85 in 2020, and 166 in 2021.

About one particular out of each and every 5 of these was a deal valued at $100 million or more. This kind of big acquisitions practically always make the news. Very last 12 months, there had been 37. On average, that’s 3 for each month that very likely garnered headlines in industry publications.

It is a testomony to just how huge the martech marketplace is that so quite a few considerable acquisitions are continually happening. All people headlines by natural means give the impact of enormous consolidation.

Nevertheless whilst that consolidation is genuine, as a percentage of the complete amount of martech solutions, these recognised acquisitions are 2% or so of the full landscape. In the meantime, new martech startups and other far more proven businesses go on to enter the area. Ironically, consolidation is typically a catalyst for far more computer software to be developed.

Martech Platform Leverage

Consolidated platforms make it less difficult for program builders to develop apps on prime of them. If you are standing on the shoulders of giants, the even larger the big the far better. And the much less giants you have to choose amid, the much better much too, as it is far more likely it is that the a single(s) you select will have scale and remaining electric power.

These beneficial responses loop dynamics — usually framed as “winner normally takes all,” even if in actuality there are ordinarily many significant winners — is why AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are so dominant as cloud platforms. And they are nonetheless escalating at a remarkable pace. But in the method, they are birthing tens of millions of applications created on major of their foundations.

The rise of ecosystems and marketplaces in SaaS businesses further permits the Cambrian explosion of industrial specialist applications as effectively as tons of tailor made apps tailor-made to person firms. They support address the difficulties of discovery and integration.

In the meantime, demand from customers for specialised application carries on to increase way too, as reported by the selection of SaaS applications that providers have in their stacks:

SaaS App Adoption

We’re moving into a publish-digital-transformation era, the place organizations are no for a longer time planning to turn out to be “digital.” They are digital. And as they now contend ferociously for competitive benefits in their digital functions and digital buyer experiences, they are more and more at ease shopping for and developing far more specialised application.

Advertising stays a single of the most powerful domains in which that level of competition normally takes location — providing martech entrepreneurs sufficient opportunities to build worth.

Investors continue to think in these opportunities way too. They continue on to fund new and increasing martech ventures. If you decide on up a copy of LUMA’s Q1 2022 Market Report, you are going to see the hundreds of millions of bucks in funds put into martech corporations just in the very first 3 months of this calendar year.

That explained, there are rational limitations for how quite a few martech companies can exist at one time and how quite a few martech applications any one particular corporation can usefully undertake. Though new martech products and solutions are constantly born, outdated kinds fade absent into mergers, pivots, and discontinued oblivion.

The queries the martech landscape has answered just about every year are: (1) what’s the harmony among martech growth and consolidation and (2) what’s the composition of solutions in the general martech marketplace? These solutions expose a lot about the ongoing evolution of advertising and marketing.

What will the 2022 martech landscape expose? Tune in upcoming Tuesday to discover out.

We’re going to launch a thing genuinely unique this 12 months that I guarantee you’ll want to be just one of the first to have access to.

P.S. Studying the martech landscape has become a project of epic proportion above the years. And with the unique shock we will be unveiling this calendar year, the work to create it has developed even much more. We would not have been in a position to do this devoid of the economical guidance of quite a few generous sponsors:

If you haven’t taken a glance recently at the impressive martech alternatives these corporations are creating, look at them out. It is impressive.

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