• The Ukrainian city of Mariupol is come to be “a Ukrainian Alamo,” a US typical mentioned.
  • Retired Gen. David Petraeus referenced the 1836 Battle of the Alamo from the Texas Revolution.
  • The battle is a notorious Texas loss in which the Mexican forces slaughtered each Texas troop in the Alamo. 

The besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol may well be on monitor to turn into “a Ukrainian Alamo,” a US common stated, referencing the Struggle of the Alamo in Texas. 

On ABC News’ “This 7 days,” retired Gen. David Petraeus claimed the invasion of Ukraine has caused a “horrible decline of innocent lifestyle.” 

“But then you have the scenario in Mariupol, which has develop into a little bit of a Ukrainian Alamo at this place in time,” Petraeus reported. “It truly is battling to the last defender, and pinning down multiple Russian battalions in so accomplishing, pretty heroically, but finally, it seems as if it is really going to have to collapse. It can be likely to be taken.”

Petraeus referenced the infamous 1836 Struggle of the Alamo from the Texas Revolution, in which Texas colonists rebelled towards Mexican forces, forcing them out of their territory and occupying the Alamo, an old Spanish mission around present day-day San Antonio. Mexican forces later on marched 1,500 troops to retake the Alamo, slaughtering the Texas troops. 

Mariupol, located in southeast Ukraine, has been the subject of a brutal assault by Russia that has laid waste to the city’s properties, schools, and maternity hospitals. Some residents have been sheltering for months, and many are without having foods, h2o, or electricity. Many attempts at humanitarian corridors and ceasefires have unsuccessful, regardless of being agreed upon with the Russians. 


Earlier this thirty day period, Russian forces bombed a movie theater in the town, trapping about 1,300 civilians. About 300 people had been reported killed in the airstrike. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attack, saying the city will “go down in historical past of duty for war crimes.” 

Retired Gen. Petraeus said the Russian capture of Mariupol will trigger “some peril for Ukraine.” 

“It will no cost up a quantity of battalions that were the kinds that have been closing the circle, closing the noose on Mariupol, who can then drive even further north and potentially enable Russia to obtain what it has now said, as it truly is redefined its goals, to having manage of all of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts,” Petraeus reported on Sunday. 

He extra: “So, this is likely to be very tenuous period the next handful of times as we see what occurs in Mariupol, what the Russians are able to do as a final result of it, and then haw the Ukrainians can answer, since that is a incredibly extended length from wherever where they may well have forces that they could probably spare.”


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