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The purpose of passenger assistance insurance is to provide protection for the person seated behind the rider in the covered vehicle against physical harm or passing away that may result from any accident or incident. Although it is not required, one should purchase this add-on because a passenger’s life is just as essential as the rider’s own. By paying a small additional premium amount in addition to your own damage or comprehensive bike insurance plan, this add-on protection can be purchased. *

The purpose of the two-wheeler insurance coverage is to protect your bike or scooter from any loss or damage brought on by unanticipated events like road accidents, theft, etc. The fundamental bike insurance policy sometimes referred to as a third-party bike cover, is required to have in India. In case of an accident involving your bike, it compensates the third party for any injuries, fatalities, or property losses. *

All bike riders are required to obtain personal accident insurance, which covers accidental passing away or any permanent handicap sustained by the rider or owner of the two-wheeler up to a maximum sum of Rs. 15 lakh, in addition to third-party coverage. In contrast, this insurance does not provide coverage for passengers. *

Therefore, you can choose a Passenger Cover add-on cover with your own-damage cover or comprehensive insurance policy by paying an additional bike insurance premium amount to acquire coverage for your co-passenger. *

What is passenger cover?

The Passenger Cover is an accessory that protects the person riding behind you on your bike from accidents-related injury or passing away. It is highly advised to purchase add-coverage because a two-wheeler accident can be just as deadly for a passenger as it is for the owner-driver. By adding a single additional charge to your ordinary bike insurance policy, you can obtain this add-on coverage. Given that the passenger cover add-on aims to safeguard the pillion rider in addition to the protection provided by the normal bike insurance policy, purchasing it is a prudent choice. In the event of an accident, you must know how to claim insurance for your bike by following the standard procedure outlined in your bike insurance policy. *

Characteristics of the passenger add-on cover

The characteristics of the passenger add-on cover are highlighted below:

1. It is available for purchase with standalone own-damage coverage and full bike insurance coverage by paying an additional cost. *

2. This passenger add-on plan provides protection against accidental passing away and total or partial disability for the pillion rider.

3. The insurance company will take care of the passenger with this add-on protection, relieving you of any need to pay for their damages.

Who should choose the passenger add-on cover?

Everyone should consider this when it comes to life. Therefore, it is preferable that every bike owner use this Passenger Cover to protect their pillion riders from any harm or loss of life brought on by an accident or disaster. *

  • People who reside in places prone to accidents
  • Those who typically transport the passengers
  • Those that enjoy taking long-distance trips together

Why is passenger coverage a vital component of two-wheeler insurance?

Adding the passenger cover add-on to your comprehensive bike insurance policy can provide you and the co-passenger with increased coverage and financial security.

The following are some benefits of purchasing a passenger cover:

  • In the event of an accident or catastrophe, co-passengers medical expenses are covered.
  • Offers cash support in the event that the traveller perishes.
  • Offers passengers financial support in the event of an accident-related incapacity.
  • Reduces the worry about the security of fellow passengers in the event that accidental injuries occur as a result of an accident involving the insured vehicle.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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