How This Tech Founder Keeps His Business Afloat With Employees in a War Zone

ByBilly Alsman

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When Jacob Udodov, a Riga, Latvia-centered entrepreneur, launched his group collaboration software program enterprise, Bordio, in late 2019, he intentionally developed an global group throughout Europe. When it is been a fantastic way to employ top expertise, the disadvantage of the method came into whole reduction on February 24, 2022. That’s the day Russia invaded Ukraine and his compact 20-person group–comprised of six Russian and 6 Ukrainian workforce among the them–satisfied its match, putting the upstart tech business into compromising positions on an pretty much daily basis. –As informed to Rebecca Deczynski

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My spouse had woken me up the morning of February 24 telling me that Russia experienced invaded Ukraine, and I promptly bought on my function chat. Group associates from various parts of Ukraine–Kharkiv, Kherson, Poltava, and Kyiv–had sent messages about listening to explosions. There have been also messages from Russian teammates that were being sent in help of their Ukrainian colleagues they mentioned they have been ashamed of the actions of their country, and asked what they could do to help. 

The events of the working day were remarkable but not entirely shocking. One of my Ukrainian employees life in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, which has been occupied by Russian forces due to the fact 2014. So, I began pursuing the news when, on February 18, Russian separatists announced that residents of the region essential to evacuate to Russia. At that moment, I recognized that one thing huge was heading to take place.

Soon soon after the invasion began, I wrote to my Ukrainian employees and instructed them to not fear about function–they ended up cost-free to get compensated time off and do whichever they experienced to do to transfer out west and stay safe and sound. Quite a few of them moved, like just one developer from Kharkiv, who, right after the metropolis was attacked, said it was the greatest decision he’s produced his overall everyday living. [Editor’s note: Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, has been one of the most-targeted regions by Russian forces. It is still under attack, and at least 500 civilians have been killed in the city.]

Immediately after a number of days, some of my Ukrainian team begun operating once more, just for a handful of several hours a day. In addition to the shock and the emotion of the knowledge, there are troubles, like WiFi outages and bomb sirens that signal that they need to acquire shelter. 

I questioned my other personnel if they would be keen to pitch in some excess assist, which they have been a lot more than keen to do. I also attained out to former staff, who have left the business within the earlier year, to get temporary aid from them. Now, we are in a much better spot. 

One particular point that remains challenging is figuring out a way to spend our Russian employees, which is controversial. The lender we made use of experienced banned payments to Russia, and it took some time before we found a different one that authorized us to effectively pay out these employees. Even although our Russian teammates are entirely from the actions of their govt, they are impacted by sanctions. 

It can be horrible to say, but we’ve gotten applied to the war in a way–it can be the actuality we’re dwelling in. I’m happy that my crew was fully united in our assistance for the Ukrainians, and we will carry on to be supportive until this is over.


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